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Ekta Nagar at Night

Discover Ekta Nagar Most Iconic View at Night

As soon as the sun sets, the Ekta Nagar town comes into life on its own! With some of the emblematic sites lighted up, the venue undergoes a transformation of sorts with an ambition to create a night landscape around the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity.

A stretch of road from Ekta Dwar to the dam, 8.5 kms in length, is decorated with colourful vibrant motifs lights and artistic splendours. Ekta Nagar road motif light is a representation of happy street to pay a tribute to the Statue of Unity. There are various attractive patterns of flowers, palm trees, birds and artistic designing of neon light cluster, which create an endless continuation lighting chain.

Statue of Unity stands tall between the Vindhyas and Satpuda range on Narmada River at night with the magnificent warm yellow lightings, a treat for the photographers’ eyes.

At night the Shrestha Bharat Bhavan comes alive by virtue of the aesthetic lighting – lights bring happiness and warmth with their perspective on illumination, which range from light touch to creative lighting techniques, to warm shots of cities glittering at dusk. The patterns have been design to glow with day wise colour.

The Circuit House at Ekta Nagar by night also changes comprehensively, as the lights hold the promise to give a warm and welcoming look, and the allure of an urban building on a hilltop gets magnified. 

Vishwa Van located along the bank of Narmada River, at nightfall becomes a beautifully illuminated garden, thanks to colourful neon strip lighting and a sound installation highlighting the greenery and large collection of plants representing the colours of seven continents. At the entrance various attractive patterns are created by Gobo projectors along with live water fountain centred with rotation of the globe with mesmerizing lighting effects.

Meanwhile the Cactus Garden’s lights get a magnificent glow when its dome and the garden area gets lit up with the soothing warm white eye-pleasing LED lights and the artificial glowing cactus gets illuminated in red, yellow and green to showcase the beauty of cactus at night. The entire cactus garden pathways are illuminated with warm white LED rope lights.

The Butterfly Garden looks more vibrant at night when the butterfly motif lights get illuminated to give a breath-taking view of this beautiful garden. In addition to this the most attractive location is the interactive floor tiles which changes the colours when anyone starts walking on those glow tiles. There are artificial glowing wooden sit-outs for the tourists.

Ekta Nursery, the botanical garden comprising of a huge collection of beautiful flowers and plants, is lit up using LED strip lights which gives the nursery a warm coloured hue that is not only radiant but also pleasing to the eye. The trees are illuminated with dark green LED lights, which brings alive the night life of Ekta Nursery.

Multi-coloured enriched Lights at night at the Sardar Sarovar Dam is a visual delight. The exquisite lighting adorning the facade of the Dam forces passers-by to stop and click a shot or shoot. What sets this dam apart from other dams are the exceptionally beautiful site and the areas around it. The dam site is bestowed with colourful, stunning and even illuminated gardens and glow fountains at the glow garden. The dam top-line creates cluster of ray’s attractive pattern with the help of colourful moving lights.

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