Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, with their brightly coloured wings and conspicuous, fluttering flight are delightful to watch. Butterflies also play an important role in the environment as they help flowers pollinate.

A Butterfly Garden has been meticulously created at the Statue of Unity where the colourful world of these delicate creatures can be enjoyed.

This garden will be an interactive garden developed on the left bank of the dam, opposite to SoU. The garden will cover 6 acres of area with 45 species of plants and 38 species of butterflies. Interactive models like butterfly and pollination, selfie models, animal size and human size comparative models will be the key attractions.

The Butterfly Garden has been planted in a way to create an environment that attracts butterflies and gives them a habitat for them to proliferate. Since butterflies feed on the nectar of flowers, there are hundreds of flowering plants that will provide them with food. There are also suitable places for them to lay eggs and host plants for caterpillars to thrive. Walk through this beautifully designed park to get close view of stunning butterflies.

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