Khalvani Eco-Tourism

Khalvani Eco-Tourism is located near Sardar Sarovar Dam along the bank of a perennial stream fed by the waters released from the Godbole Gate.

The area is surrounded by hillocks bearing typical deciduous forests of this area. The chirping of avifauna, the flowing waters of the holy Narmada, the undulating terrain and the various shades of green foliage makes this place ideal for camping and hiking. The proximity of Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary will hold sway for wildlife enthusiasts.

For accommodation tent and tree houses will be made available.

It will have various facilities like children play area, campfire zone, amphitheatre, nursery, painting kits with herbal colours for children, nature education etc.

There would be several activities for tourists such as:

  • Bird-watching: A Birding trail will be made, passing through different stretches along the stream and mountains.
  • Breakfast with Butterflies: The forest is home to more than 100 species of butterflies, the flying jewels. Plantation of larval host plants and nectar source plants will be done around the campsite. The visitors will be able to enjoy them right at their doorsteps.
  • Gazebo for Restaurant.
  • Tree Walk which is a forest trail that covers the majority of the floral diversity of the landscape and will be an attraction for botany enthusiasts to study and supplement their knowledge.
  • Fish Pedicure.
  • Cycling: Bicycles will be made available to move along the specified forest tracks.

Visitors will have an adrenaline rush through activities like horse riding, river crossing, Burma bridge, river rafting, tubing, rock climbing & rappelling.

They can also acquaint themselves to the tribal culture by tasting Tribal Tea/Herbal Kava, juices from local fruits like jamun, amla, imli, mango etc. and authentic tribal food. Visitors can get a firsthand knowledge of apiary, poultry, pottery, archery and painting using herbal colours.

Nature lovers can become Forest Conservators and celebrate days of national & international importance pertaining to nature & environment at the campsite, get hands-on training at nursery & tree plantation, training in seed-ball making and conduct nature education camps.

Visitors will be able to take along the memories for keepsake from the souvenir shop and buy herbal products from the various outlets at the campsite.

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