Sardar Patel Timeline

Sardar Patel lived an extra-ordinary life in extra-ordinary times.

For his iron will and nerves of steel, he earned the title Iron Man of India. For his astute leadership and compassion, his people lovingly called him Sardar. The geographic entity we know as India, bears the imprint of the genius and statesmanship of this one man. It is the most lasting legacy Patel left for the future. 'History' said Nehru speaking about Sardar Patel, would 'call him the builder and consolidator of the new India.'

Sardar Patel's life was shaped by major events that took place around him just as much as he gave shape to major events. This Timeline provides a brief glimpse into the extraordinary life of Sardar Patel marking important events and landmarks in his momentous journey.

  • 1875 Birth of Vallabhbhai Patel at Nadia

    Mother: Ladbai, Father: Jhaverbhai, Native: Karamsad

  • 1893 Marriage

    Married to Jhaverba of Gana Village at age.18

  • 1897 Cleared Metric exam


  • 1901 District pleader

    Became a district pleader and started Practising at Godhra Court.

  • 1903 Birth of daughter Maniben


  • 1905 Birth of son Dahyabhai.


  • 1910 Barrister

    Vallabhbhai went to England to join Middle Temple to became Barrister in Aug - 1910 Maniben and Dahyabhai were admitted to St-Mary's school in Bombay

  • 1913 Returned to India


  • 1914 Criminal Lawyer in Ahmedabad

    Started his practice a mainly as a criminal Lawyer in Ahmedabad.

  • 1915 Member of Gujarat Sabha

    Became member of Gujarat Sabha which later became Gujarat Prantic Samiti Gujarat Sabha nominated him as delegate to attend Indian National Congress meeting in Mumbai (7th Dec. 1915).
    M.K. Gandhi came to India from Africa established ashram in Kocharab Paldi when Gandhi visited Gujarat club to deliver a lecture on Constitution, Sardar did not show any interest.

  • 1917 Elected in Ahmedabad Municipality

    He was elected as member in Ahmedabad Municipality on 5/1/1917 from Dariyapur ward by one Vote. This was his first Political institution election. This election was challenged and cancelled. He was elected again as a uncontested member on 14 May, 1917 and became chairman, of Sanitary Committee.
    First Conference was held in Godhra under chairmanship of Gandhi and Vallabhbhai was appointed as Secretary. They worked against forced labour.

  • 1918 “Man Patra”

    He led the Kheda Satyagraha which resulted in a Victory (29 th June). Satyagraha Ends. Victory celebration in Nadiad.

    Vallabhbhai lost the election of vice-president due to voting of nominated members in Ahmedabad Municipality by one vote.

  • 1920 Most municipal seats in Ahmedabad

    Congress won most of the municipal seats in Ahmedabad due to Vallabhbhai’s efforts.
    Vallabhbhai moved the resolution in Ahmedabad Municipality to place a statue of Tilak Maharaj in Victoria Garden on 10/1/1921.

  • 1923 National flag

    On 3rd September, Master minded Nagpur Flag satyagraha and upheld the right to honour national flag.

  • 1924 Elected as president

    Vallabhbhai won majority for congress in A.M.C. and was elected its president.

  • 1927 Faces unprecedented floods

    Gujarat faced unprecedented floods. Tirelessly went round.Organised extensive relief works.

  • 1928 Resigned from Presidentship

    April 28 , Resigned from Presidentship of Ahmedabad municipality following differences over appointment of Chief Officer, I.R.Bhagat.
    Galvanized peasants of Bardoli to protest against arbitrary increase in land revenue and launched a satyagraha.Peasants did not yield to coercion even though Government confiscated their land, property, crops and cattle. Government had to yield to the demand for appointment of an Inquiry Committee to review increased land revenue and protest was successful.
    Vallabhbhai was named as Sardar, the leader, in hearts of people.

  • 1930Gandhiji’s historic Dandi

    March 7 - Vallabhbhai was arrested at Ras (village near Anand) when he began his march to rouse conscience of people in favour of Gandhiji’s historic Dandi March.

    July 31 - He as arrested and sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, when joined a procession in Bombay on Tilak Anniversary. Addressed a vast public gathering at Azad Maidan, Bombay. Again arrested and sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment while delivering lecture opposing Government policy.

    November 01 - Released from jail.

  • 1931President, Indian National Congress

    March 29 - President, Indian National Congress, Karachi. Praised Bhagat Singh, Sukhdeo and Rajguru.

  • 1932NSPK prison

    August 01 - Sardar Patel was removed from Yervada to Nasik prison.

  • 1938 Session of Congress Under guidance of Sardar

    Feb 19,20,21 - Session of Congress was held at Haripura in Surat district Under guidance of Sardar.

  • 1938 Settlement of problem

    December 26 - Made settlement between Thakore Saheb of Rajkot and State Praja Parishad, amid several problems.

  • 1939 Attended Prajamandal Conference

    May - Sardar attended Prajamandal Conference at Bhavnagar and was attacked a minority group and was rescued.

  • 1940 Arrested in Ahmedabad

    November 18 - Arrested at Ahmedabad in Individual Satyagraha launched to protest and also for upholding freedom of speech.

  • 1941 Released from prison

    August 20 - Released from prison due to ailment of intestines.

  • 1942 Quit India Resolution

    'Quit India' Resolution passed by Bombay session of AICC. 9th August 1942 morning Sardar Patel detained and sent to Ahmadnagar jail.

  • 1947 Partitioning issue

    March 08 - Sardar Patel in favour of partitioning the country. His views endorsed by Congress Working Committee.

  • 1947 Declaration of partition of India

    June 03 - Declaration of partition of India and Transfer of Power on August 15 by Lord Mountbatten.

  • 1947 India became nation

    July 05 - Persuaded princely states to sign Standstill Agreement and Instrument of Accession within a short period of six week. Thus he integrated the country as one nation. India became one nation for the first time in history.

  • 1947 Became Home Minister

    August 15 - India achieved independence. Sardar sworn in as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Nov 9 Junagadh dispute

    Ignored Lord Mountbatten’s advice to refer Junagadh issue to UNO and persuaded Government of India to accept accession of Junagadh State.

  • Nov 13 Visited Somnath temple

    Visited Somnath temple in Saurashtra. Decided to rebuild it.

  • 1948 Rs.55 crores issue come over

    January 13 - Gandhiji began his historic fast. Cabinet decided to pay Rs. 55 crores Pakistan. Gandhiji gave up his fast.

  • 1950 First president of India

    January 26 - India became Republic with Dr. Rajendra Prasad , as first President.

  • Dec 15 Last breath in mumbai

    At 9:37 a.m., in Mumbai he took his last breath.

  • Dec 28 Immersed in holy confluence at Prayag

    His ashes were immersed in holy confluence at Prayag.